1. I don’t believe Konami will ever remove scripting/handicapping from the game. Instead of promoting skill, the game promotes luck, momentum, artificially created tension.

2. I don’t believe it will finally encourage players to play with more than 20 of the strongest teams in Online divisions.

3. Every PES for the last three years improved on some things, but worsened the others that were good.

4. There hasn’t been almost anything new in 2017 – just repacked 2016 with changed gameplay.

5. Konami’s patches don’t solve major problems that community asks them to (i.e., overpowered crosses in 2017)

6. Instead of being fun, the game is year after year mostly frustrating, which defeats it’s main purpose.

7. There aren’t any details in the previous versions that show someone has put a great effort into it. There’s nothing that makes you go ‘wow‘.

8. I can’t return it if I conclude it’s a bad product, like I could return any normal product.

9. PC version is inferior to PS4 like it’s 2013 and not 2016/2017 and there is no demo.

10. I have to work hard for my money and don’t want to throw it away to someone who don’t work hard to please their customers.