As the name says, Online divisions is a competition where people are competing for the highest division possible. To achieve this, eventually you need to stop playing with top teams and start taking 4 stars strength teams and less. For every result you’ll get changes in your rating (positive or negative), which is a number that should say how good you are. This is where idea of Online divisions falls apart.

Instead of trying to get to a highest division possible, people try to have the highest rating possible. In order to do that, they play with strongest teams only – usually Real Madrid. And ruin the game for the rest of us. On PC, I’d estimate that around 40% of the players mostly play with Real Madrid. And, once they get hold of it, it’s very hard to beat them with a 3,5-4* team if you’re not a top player. Especially when they cross spam. To block them is not a solution – if you’re a PC player you soon won’t have any opponents to connect to.

What should Konami do?

One solution is to remove ratings and keep only the statistics they currently keep (percentage of wins etc.), but without showcasing them. They should stay ‘hidden’.

The other solution is not allowing players to play more than a certain number of matches with 5* teams. If there are 10 matches per season, every player could, for example, be allowed to play 3 with a 5* team, 3 with 4-4,5* team, 3 with 3-3,5* team and one with 1-2,5* team. This would, IMO, be very good for the diversity of the teams you’re playing against.  For everyone who would want to continue playing with Real Madrid only, there are friendlies and quick matches.

The third solution would be, IMO, the easiest for Konami to implement – if they have to keep ratings in Online Divisions for some reason, the changes in rating should depend on a team you’re playing with. If you win with Real, you should get, for example, 5-10 points. If you win with Ajax, you should get 15-20 points. If you win with Kuwait, you should get 45-50 points. To add even more depth to it, the points should depend on your opponent’s rating (the higher it is, the more points you get for a win) and on a team he’s using (the stronger it is, the more points you get for a win).

Or, if Konami is willing, they could make an Online ratings mode, where people will do what they do in the Divisions today – building up their rating, without divisions.

Please tell me in the comments your opinion on the subject, I’m really interested in hearing it!