I’ve tried playing more Online division games after I promised I will stop playing PES 2017. There’s always a shadow of a doubt there. Maybe it’s my fault? Maybe I’m the one that doesn’t know how to adjust? What does it matter I enjoyed the game before the patch  – maybe it improved the game in a way I’m uncapable of understanding and I’m just a 32-year old who’s not flexible?

Well, after these three games, I’m even more convinced in my decision. I’ve tried to confirm (or deny) if my doubts that the heavy scripting has been introduced with the new patch are right. And I REALLY, REALLY wanted to be proven wrong because PES is the only game I play and I really enjoyed it.

But the game with it’s #controlreality didn’t disappoint.

Three times I’ve received a goal, I tried going in straight line towards the opponents goalkeeper, using ONLY speed burst. Even I was surprised to see that I managed to do that 2 out of 3 times! Like in PES 2016! Without changing the direction, attacker going alone against the whole opponent’s team, he pushed through ‘like a hot knife through butter’!

One game, I used some weaker English team (don’t know which one with the fake names and all) against Liverpool. When I received a goal (from a corner, of course), the game started helping me so heavily that I was almost ashamed. My 70-75 OPR’s were literally going through the Liverpool’s strong central defenders like there wasn’t anyone there. And the guy tried really did everything to stop me, but he just couldn’t. The game decided I should score a goal now. And I didn’t even try, I just played automatically.

Also, games weren’t fluid at all like they were before the patch, when I felt like I was playing offline (Online Divisions, not myClub).

All in all, it felt like playing the heavily scripted myClub. After the patch, Online divisions became a total bullshit, where the player has a minimal amount of control, where the game handicapP(E)S, helps, moves players out of the way, refuses to pass where you want (never happened before the patch with PA1), refuses to listen to controls and so on.

The game developers, or those who tell them what to do, seem to live in an illusion that the people who look for a football simulation enjoy the artificially created sense of tension.


After writing an article where I’ve explained why I won’t buy PES anymore there were people on Twitter who said they’ve experienced the same thing after the patch came out.