I’ve played around 200 games of myClub and 150 games in Online divisions. Yesterday, I decided I won’t play PES 2017 anymore.

Firstly, I stopped playing myClub because of the scripting/handicapping and turned to Online divisions. They were very, very fun for me. And then the patch with ‘minor tweaks to gameplay’ came out.

Since the patch, the game stopped being fun for me and became frustrating, both when winning and losing. The reason is the feeling I get when playing the game and that’s a feeling of an almost complete lack of control and a feeling of randomness.

Before the patch with it’s ‘minor tweaks to gameplay’, I felt like I was in control of my own destiny when playing games. Yes, the defenders were retards when they got hold of the ball, but at least their positioning was mostly fine. Now, I get the feeling that the games are predestined and that I don’t have control over my football anymore. The game stopped being rewarding and everything started to feel completely random, with my influence minimal. Almost like watching the game instead of playing it.

Example: there are times in the game where I feel like mine or my opponent’s attack will go on as long as it has to for the attacking team to score a goal. 


See the picture above. I was playing a guy and was leading 1-0. Sometime before the break, his attacks became so powerful that my defenders couldn’t clear the ball, no matter how hard I tried. The only directions I was allowed to kick the ball away were corner and close throw in. When I took the ball, it always bounced back to him – multiple times in one attack if necessary. It just felt that the break won’t come until he finally scores. And the feeling was correct – look at the time of the goal; he scored in 52nd minute OF THE FIRST HALF.

Even though I eventually won the game, I couldn’t get rid of that feeling that the goals are orchestrated and staged. Because, if my opponents score these kind of goals, it means I do to. Which means I don’t score them because of my skill but because the game decided to allow it or at least make it easy for me.

Another example of an obviously scripted goal came the day earlier. For some reason, Konami once again made it ridiculously easy for us to score when kicking off after receiving a goal. I’ve done it a bunch of times and also received it a bunch of times. But this one was particularly awful because it was so obviously scripted that the attacker with the ball went THROUGH my goalkeeper. Some will say this is a bug, but I believe it’s just an awful example of scripted goals introduced in Online divisions since the patch.


As for the feeling of randomness, since the patch came out I feel like the tactical decisions I make have: a) no weight whatsoever, b) too much weight. As for the a), I feel like my constant tries to have some basic formation and strategy, which should be adapted  for every game, are meaningless and it just comes down to randomly changing stuff from game to game, hoping you’ll guess the right tactics.

On the other hand, I’ve had a bunch of games where I would slightly change the position of some player and suddenly gained momentum and the game became extremely easy for me to play, like it all depended on that one particular player. Or, usually after receiving a goal, I’d heighten my attacking mentality (with the ‘up’ button) and suddenly my opponent’s defenders became complete retards, leaving me loads of space, not marking my players etc. and I would score with ease.

That’s the feeling of randomness I get when playing Online divisions since the patch. Before it, I felt like there was order in things. Now, it just feels like a roulette (or like myClub).

The result of everything I wrote is a constant feeling of frustration when not winning and not feeling anything when winning. The game stopped being rewarding. And there is no sense in playing something that infuriates you and gives you no satisfaction. There are things in life that are beautiful and fun – PES 2017, since the patch, for me isn’t one of them.

Having said that, I won’t be buying PES 2018. Football is a very hard thing to simulate. But, when you come this close like PES 2017 did, all Konami needed to do was remove a 2016 leftover scripting and handicapping. Refusing to do that, in 2018 they’ll be left with even fewer long time PES fans.