I’m an average Pro Evolution Soccer player. The only thing I think I do above average is score goals from throw-ins. I usually use two techniques for this.

It’s important to know that some players have a skill called ‘long throw-in’. If you have one in your team, you’ll know that by pressing ‘select’ during the throw in, he’ll have a yellow star next to his name. This is important because it determines from how far can you use these two techniques. You’ll be surprised at how far sometimes these guys can throw. Like I’m surprised sometimes at how hard can my wife punch.

Technique number 1: throw-in around center

Move your quick winger near the line, just in front of the last opposition’s defender (not behind him). Throw him the ball using triangle (on Playstation) or Y (on Xbox). That way the thow in taker will throw the ball in space behind your attacker and the defender. Run. Before the opposition player knows it, you’ll be running down the wing with loads of space in front of you. The rest is up to you.

Technique number 2: throw-in in the opposition half, near goal

Move your tall player who can jump in the box, but not so close to the keeper to allow him to punch the ball away. Throw him the ball using circle (on Playstation) or B (on Xbox). Move your attacker towards the ball with the left stick (to ensure he wins the header) and then head pass the ball by pressing  X (on Playstation or A (on Xbox) to your nearest attacker. Shoot. Score. Celebrate.

Alternatively, you can try and perform some kind of first time shot; some players will try and do overhead kick. But that’s much harder way to score, especially if you’re playing someone who knows how to defend.