Tiki-taka is a style of play in football characterized by short passing and movement, working the ball through various channels, and maintaining possession. Many Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 beginners strive to play like this, but fail.

How to play tiki-taka and drive your opponents mad?

In myClub, it’s all about having the right manager. If you play online, but not myClub, it’s all about you.

Which are the tactical settings that should allow you to play Tiki-taka?

If you play myClub, these are the ones you have to look for when searching for the manager of your team.  If you play online or offline, these are the ones you set up yourself.

Attacking instructions

Attacking style: Possession game

Build up: Short passing

Support range: 3 or less 

In tiki-taka, it’s all about having someone open to pass to quickly. That’s why high support range and short passing are very important – this way your player will adjust their movement so they don’t head up to space to try and receive a long(er) ball but will rather be much closer to your player.

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Also, thankfully, you can set up Advanced instructions in myClub by yourself, not depending on your manager. Under Attack 1 choose Tiki-taka. Attack 2 can be, for example, Wing rotation or Attacking Full backs. If you didn’t know, Advanced instructions are by default ON when you start the match and you manually turn them off (and back on), if you want. You do this with L2/LT + directional button (up and down for attack, left and right for defence).

In game, you’ll have to use many one-two passes. If you do not know how to perform them, go read my passing tutorial. Also, I think it’s wise to avoid the sprint button generally, but especially for this style of play. The ball is faster than the player.

Last, but not least, you’ll have to have enough of the good quality passers to pass the ball around. Meaning, your players should have ‘low pass’ attribute as high as possible.