How to be a successful myClub player? It’s a question everybody asks themselves in their first weeks of playing this PES 2017 mode. We’re offering you some tips on how to get to the top (you know, that place where all the cheaters are).


1. Create a strong, balanced team with the best manager possible

To succeed, your team needs to be balanced. You can’t have Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Messi in the attack but guys with 65 OPR in the defence, if you want to be successful. Try spinning top players for every part of your team – from goalkeeper to the attackers. And make sure every one of them gets a proper replacement – you’ll have to rotate if you don’t want them to die on the field in 30th minute.

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Also, try getting yourself the best possible manager, with the formation and style of play that you feel will work for you and your team. If you don’t have the money to buy ‘locked’ managers (who have better coaching attributes), try to invest into those which you can buy with GP. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enhance their leadership, which I think is very important and affects much on how well your team plays. So, if you can afford it, it can be a good idea to buy some superstar manager (with real money, I guess you know that).

2. Turn players into trainers

You don’t need 35 players in your team. So, when you feel that you don’t need someone, turn him into a trainer and train your other players with his help. It’s best to train those players who you think will play in your team for a longer period of time.

3. Pay attention to details

Don’t just let your manager pick your formation – you do have the limited freedom to manually set up players positions and move them a bit on the ‘board’. Why having someone play CMF if he’s so much better playing AMF? You can also set up the advanced tactics, which are easily turned on during the match. If you feel your players are too far away from each other, turn ‘Tiki-taka’ on. Or, if you’re desperately trying to score, turn the ‘Centre targeting’ on. And so on. You can also choose who’ll be your captain (make sure it’s someone with the ‘Captaincy’ skill), who’ll take free kicks, penalties…


4. Adapt

If you can’t get a pass right and you aren’t able to create chances, something is wrong. It’s time to adapt – pause, go to your tactics and try making some changes in your formation. For example, if you feel your players are too far from each other, try and move them to stay closer. Or, if your left back is always behind the winger, move him further down, towards your goal line. Try some new advanced settings. Or, simply, try playing different style (attack through the middle instead of wings etc.) It’s said that the intelligence is the capability to adapt to new circumstances. Be intelligent.

5. Anticipate and be unpredictable

When playing against a great player, you’ll sometimes feel like he’s reading your mind. He’s probably not (if he wasn’t experimented on by the US government), but is great at anticipating your moves. To avoid this, you’ll have to try and be unpredictable. Mix it up a bit, do not always try and play the same action. Also, you must have the ability to change your mind in a millisecond, when you see that your move, as Gandalf would say, shall not pass. When playing against other opponents, you be the one that anticipates. Estimate before acting. But be quick.

6. Keep your composure

Other thing you’ll notice about great players is that they do not panic. Whether in defence, when they’ll easily control the ball with their keeper and pass it on without being in danger of losing it, or in the attack where they’ll cold-bloodedly execute their passing moves and score. Don’t get overly excited when playing because that’s what makes you lose your composure.

7. Become the set piece master

You can score loads and loads of goals from set pieces. Unfortunately, you can also receive as many. So, you will have to learn what is the best way to defend a set piece and, also, what is the best way to score from it. Especially when it comes to corners. If you suck at it, go to training in the main menu and practice. It makes perfect.

8. Kill off games

Remember this – no one will spare you. Everyone will want to score as many goals as they can. Everyone loves high wins. So, next time when you’re two goals up and you’re 1 on 1 with the keeper, make it three goals up. And then, if you want, you can show off some skills you usually don’t… Because, like in real football, it’s not impossible to get back from two, even three goals down. All your opponent needs is for you to relax too much and become nervous once he starts scoring…