1. Basic shot. Regular shot where you can control power of the shot, but not it’s height. It’s one of the three types of shooting which you can choose, besides advanced and manual shot.

2. Advanced shot. A bit more complicated shot where you can control power and the height of the shot. Very efficient when practiced to perfection. Here’s how to choose to use advanced shot.

3. Controlled shot. You can use it with any type of shot, advanced, basic and manual. It’s more precise and weaker.

4. Lob shot. You can use it to chip the ball over the goalkeeper from up close or to try and outsmart him from the edge of the box.

5. Manual shot. I suggest you use it only if you’re playing full manual.

6. Knuckle shot. Special type of shot where the ball has unpredictable trajectory. You can use it only with players who possess that skill.