You should read this if you’re a MyClub first-timer and are a bit confused about all the spinning, black balls and other stuff. This isn’t a guide on how to be successful in MyClub – only how to get started on that road.

1. I woke up with a hangover and/or I’m confused. What is MyClub?

It’s an online mode in PES 2017 where you build your own club by buying players and managers and playing against other players and/or COM.

2. What should I do with the money I have? I’m not great dealing with budget.

As you’ll realize immediately, MyClub uses two currencies – GP and MyClub coins. There’s not much difference there – you take both of them as much as you can and you use both to buy players and managers, extend players contracts etc.

The easiest way to get money at the beginning is by performing tasks game has set up for you. You’ll see some right away, and you can enter MyClub Records menu to see the whole list of them. For example, you can win GP by simply performing special moves in-game, like dribllings, high crosses, manual passes etc. or by signing 5 players using scouts.

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The other best way to win money is by winning games. Of course, if you’ve just started, that could prove to be a difficult task at the beginning. I’ve played 20 games so far and didn’t run into one player who was a beginner (it’s really easy to say when someone has just started playing PES).

My advice is – while signing new players is the most interesting part of MyClub, be aware that they have contracts that will expire after they’ve played 10 games for you and you’ll have to pay to get their contract renewed. That payment will range from 1000 GP or so to more than 3000 GP for top players. So, if you’re not winning matches, better have some money put aside for renewing contracts. That’s important because you can get yourself to a difficult situation otherwise – you’re not winning AND your best players can’t play games that you now have to win. Wouldn’t want to be in that situation!

Oh wait, I am…

3. How many managers should I buy? They’re expensive, you know!

Managers are like players – better ones will cost you more money (greedy bastards). Giving that the manager you buy is responsible for the game tactics and you cannot change your team instructions (except for the new ‘Advanced’ ones), you have to find one or two that will agree with your style of play.

Bear in mind that every manager has ‘Management Skills’ number. For example, 300.

PES2017 2016-09-17 10-24-28-46.jpg

As you get more and more expensive players later in the game, you’ll realize that you also have to buy a new manager because his Management skills won’t be enough to cover the team’s ‘Total Cost’. Why? Because every player has a ‘cost’ – top player can have, for example, 44, and bad player can have 8. Your manager will be able to manage 18 players included into your squad for the match day, that have a ‘Total Cost’ that is not bigger than his ‘Management Skills’ (27+18+15…etc.) If it surpasses it, your Team spirit will dramatically decrease.

Also, it’s interesting to know that every manager can function as an assistant coach.


That means that one of your managers will be responsible for the main tactic for the game, while other one can be his assistant coach, responsible for the backup tactic, which you can activate during the match. That brings up interesting tactical options for confusing your opponent, especially when your players get familiar with multiple tactics and their Team Spirit is high under more than one manager.

You can also have multiple squads, with every manager managing one of them.

4. Why do people get so excited when they see a black bull? And what in God’s name is spinning?


It’ not bull – it’s BALL. That’s because the color of the balls represents player’s ability when you’re buying them (by ‘spinning’ the balls). Black being the best and white being the worst. You’ll learn how the transfer system functions quickly enough.

5. Stop writing nonsense and tell me – how the hell do I win?

Except learning from experience, learning from better players, it’s very important that you get your Team spirit into 90’s as soon as you can. You do that by constantly using the same manager and players.  Team spirit is crucial for your team to actually look like a team. Then you can build from there. Learn how to play is all I can say. I’m not doing well either.

6. Tickets? Are those for movies?

There are different kinds of tickets in MyClub. We have stamina and contract renewal ticket from last year and there are some new ones now.

Stamina ticket is used to recover tired player’s stamina to a 100% and, in my opinion, should only be used for your indispensable players. If you have a player that can suitably cover for the tired one, don’t use it. It’s pretty rare. Having said that, you’ll have to rotate your players to be successful.


As for the contract renewal ticket, you’ll get 1-2 per season. Meaning you should use them only with your 1-2 best players. Why? Because they are the most expensive ones to have their contract renewed. Why spending 3000 GP if you can renew his contract with a ticket?

PES2017 2016-09-17 10-21-48-28.jpg

7. Who are the trainers?

Most of the times, they are players you don’t need anymore in your team so you turn them into trainers. They’ll use their experience to train active players and get them to better their attributes. After that, they’ll disappear. And yes, your players do develop. Some easier than others. There are also Special trainers which the game will give you to use. They have much more experience to share.

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