I was very sceptical about MyClub. Last year’s edition was, for me personally, the worst football game I have ever played. I’m not sure if it was like that across platforms, but the PC version was just awful. Especially the beginning where your Team Spirit was low. Your players would LITERALLY move out of the way of the opposing attackers (if his TS was higher). And the game was so scripted there was absolutely no sense in playing it since skill was rarely important. Especially for an average players like me, who haven’t played online since PES 6. And it was way too fast.

My first impression is that, this year, this has changed upside down.

I have played only 10 games so far. Lost 6, won 1, drew 2 and had a disconnection once. I ‘m thrilled with gameplay.

First thing first, the game is slower. It now looks much more like a real football game.

It’s now much harder to score so there will be no waterpolo scores. You have to try hard to create a chance and when you do, players will much more often miss it than before. Shooting seems harder (I’ve began with advanced shooting, I’ll let you know how that goes). Passing seems much better and less helpful when playing on assist level 1. Not once have I sensed a scripting on job of ruining the game for me. Every one game I lost, I lost fair and square, mostly due to my silly mistakes (don’t set up offside trap till you’re not good, trust me). Players feel much more real. Last year, I could sometimes do similar things with Messi like I could with some 65 OPR guy. Not this time.

And, what I find most important, defenders are not complete retards. They will at times, at the beginning when your TS is low, be confused. But not much – they are much, much better. Speaking of low Team Spirit, it’s very elegantly implemented into the game. Like in real life when you have a ‘new’ team, you have the feeling that your players are not harmonized, that they are not playing as a team, that it’s hard for them to anticipate where their teammate will pass and so on. But bear with them, they will get better as the TS grows (I’m sure, I’m not there yet 😀 ).

The new system where the player’s form is random is much better then the fixed form last year. You’ll just have to get used to the new colors, where blue and green represent good attributes and form and yellow and red bad ones.

As for the match making, I did have to wait a bit longer yesterday. I’ve set up a Lvl. 2 connection as the only condition and those games were fast flowing, without lag. I had one Lvl. 3 connection before that was almost unplayable, with a frame rate of about 6. I’ve waited in average for two minutes, I guess. That should change as more players start playing. I’ve also had one disconnection (my connection to the server was terminated).

All in all, I’m very happy with what I’ve seen so far.  I think (and I can’t stress that word enough because I don’t want to get overly enthusiastic) that we have finally got the game that we deserve.