Is there anything worse than seeing your favourite player getting so tired in the 60th minute of your game that he can’t outrun anyone anymore? It can happen if his stamina attribute isn’t too high, but, for most of the times, it can be avoided. Here’s how.

 1. Don’t use the sprint button (L1/LB) too much. Sprinting is the thing that takes away from your stamina the most.

2. When creating a fluid formation, don’t move your players too far apart in the ‘in possession’ and ‘out of possession’ screens.  For example, if your player plays as an RWF while in possession, don’t move him to CMF when ‘out of possession’. He will have to cover too much of the field. Especially if his stamina isn’t too high – while players with stamina 90+ could stand this, most of them can’t.


3. Don’t use ‘many’ in both the attacking and defensive instructions. When creating tactics for the game and thinking about how many players should play defense when out of possession and how many players will attack when in possession, you can choose ‘few’, ‘medium’ and ‘many’. If you use ‘many’ in both tactical screens, your players will tire much more then with other combos (medium/many, medium/medium… ).


4. Don’t use ‘Aggresive’ in the defensive instructions through the whole game if you have a problem with stamina. Why not turning it off when your team gets tired, or even better, when you think you don’t need it or you want to change the tempo of the game?

PES2016 2016-09-13 17-17-33-37.jpg

5. Don’t make your player man mark opposition player who’s too far from them on the pitch. For example, don’t make your MC mark opposition’s winger – he’ll have to run way out of his place to follow his player and then, when you take the ball, get back to his position and get forward.