For my last PES 2016 Master league campaign I chose Crystal Palace. I don’t know why. What I got was a nice team, which I strengthened in the 1st season with a few free signings. Overall, my transfer policy was not to sign players with a OPR 85+; I’d rather concentrate on younger players who would develop to be great.

In my first season, I qualified for the Europa league.

In my second season, I’ve won the Europa league and finished 2nd in the Premier league, with the last match deciding the winner.

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In my third season, I’ve won Europa Super Cup. I’ve also won the Premier League so easily that, in some matches, I literally had serious talks with my wife about us having a baby, about her career, about my lousy temper when I play PES… Unfortunately, I wasn’t as successful in the Champions League, where I’ve lost to PSV in the quarterfinals. Mainly due to the fact I didn’t have most of my players ready for the first match because they’ve just returned from playing for their national teams (give us an option to rest them, Konami).

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I had a great team. The best thing I’ve done is making sure my defence is sturdy. I’ve bought Semih Kaya a year before and added Kurt Zouma beside him, Mangala on the left back and Danilo on the right. They were amazing, I’ve never received less goals. I’ve also bought Wanyama whose sole physical presence in the midfield helped me anticipate many of the opponents passes.

My box-to-box midfielder was Ramires and on the flanks I’ve had superb leftie Berrardi and his Pinpoint crossing and Wilfried Zaha, the only remnant of the original team, who assisted and scored often. Jese as a second striker was also great, but the main attacking danger was Richairo Zivkovic, who I’ve signed on a free transfer in the first season. He became a BEAST and scored 37 goals in 39 games. 16 years old Didier Drogba also came in handy and score some important goals.

PES2016 2016-08-16 20-08-08-76PES2016 2016-08-16 20-08-12-90PES2016 2016-08-16 20-09-08-36PES2016 2016-08-16 20-09-52-23PES2016 2016-08-16 20-10-05-95PES2016 2016-08-16 20-10-17-65PES2016 2016-08-16 20-10-26-60PES2016 2016-08-16 20-10-39-79

The tactic I’ve used is an asymetric 442.

PES2016 2016-08-16 20-07-16-06PES2016 2016-08-16 20-07-18-88PES2016 2016-08-16 20-07-28-65PES2016 2016-08-16 20-07-30-38PES2016 2016-08-16 20-07-35-70PES2016 2016-08-16 20-07-37-65

And at the end, enjoy some of the best goals I’ve scored in those three seasons.