When the father of modern economy Adam Smith first used the term ‘the invisible hand’ in 18th century, he would probably laugh his ass of if someone told him someone will use it 250 years after, referring to something Konami fuc*ed up in PES 2016. Disclaimer: I’m not trying to sound smart. The term just sounds good to me. 

I still can’t believe what I’ve read some time ago, when a Konami PR man told us that the developers told him that there is no scripting in PES. That it’s all just pure skill.

There are two possibilities here, as I see them: the first one – the developers are lying to a PR guy (who, I think, doesn’t play PES 2016). The second one – the developers don’t even understand how their own product (and not a cheap one if you don’t live in wealthier countries) works. The third one, that the PR guy was told to tell us that it doesn’t exist although it does, I don’t want to consider because I don’t think this man is a liar.

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I’ve already written about the scripting in MyClub on PC. It’s much more obvious there than it is offline. But the offline also suffers from this disease, which is making this game more frustrating than enjoyable (no game should do that).

I’ve played a bunch of seasons of Master league in this edition of PES. I’ve always enjoyed playing with not so strong teams so I can challenge the stronger ones and see who’s who in my world of PES. Unfortunately, there are teams in every league that seem to have this invisible hand helping them win against you. That being said, the amount of ridiculous goals I’ve received against Man City in Premier League, Juventus in Serie A, Barcelona and Real in Primera, is beyond belief.

Everything is going great. You’re standing great on the pitch, maybe even have some dangerous counter attacks. And then it happens out of nowhere. Defender refusing to clear the ball, even though the power bar is filled, and the attacker takes the ball and scores. Or a defender passing the ball straight to the attacker (usually with a head). Or a defender scoring an own goal, even though you’re trying to stop him run into his own net. Or a goalkeeper not outjumping the attacker who’s not even a good jumper… It just goes on and on. You will feel cheated so many times during these games that sometimes you’ll just want to skip the match because you know what awaits you.

That’s the first kind of games where the invisible hand comes into the picture.

The second one is the kind where the AI only gradually allows you to have great results in the league. So, you’ll finish 4th in the first season, 3rd in the second, 1st in the third… And after 4-5 seasons you’ll probably snatch a European competition trophy.

For example, I’m playing with Crystal Palace currently. The first part of the season was great. But, I’ve been playing too good for the games’ taste so it’s time to put me where I belong. In the January the feeling of cheating began – my players are suddenly being pulled by the invisible hand to get out of the way so the opponent can score, or to stop my attackers to get in front of the defender. My, until then, reliable centre backs suddenly can’t win a challenge anymore. The final result being me losing to the teams I’ve played great in the first part of the season.

If the AI was adaptive and my formation or style of play was saw through, I wouldn’t mind not winning one bit. That one would be on me and I would adapt after a few games. I would know what happened because my players would be closed down much faster then before, I would have a hard time finding space. But the fact that the players are now simply playing much worse than before, like their ratings dropped by 20 percent, just makes me want to close of all the PES developers in a small room, turn on the loudspeakers and sing Croatian traditional songs till I drive them mad. So they know how I often feel after playing PES.

Pure skill? No scripting? I call bullshit.

I know how this season ends. No matter how I try, I won’t be able to go past the 4th place in the first season. I won’t be able to pull of a ‘Leicester’. Three or four seasons from now, I’ll probably be a European champion.

I don’t mind being outplayed. I love a challenge. What I don’t love is being cheated so I wouldn’t win, because my campaign, the developers decided, should gradually develop. Screw that, guys. If I’m better than the AI, let me win. If I’m not, I should lose. But don’t use the scripting against us and then tell us it doesn’t exist. Or call it ‘luck’.

Konami should be smart when making PES 2017. For me, personally, it will be the last edition I’ll ever buy if the game will be like this again. PES 2016 is a very good game. But it’s not great. Just ask yourself how many controllers you’ve broken during the last few months and you’ll understand why.