Konami has released a PES 2017 trailer (Barcelona themed) on Tuesday.

As I’m not a Barca fan, nor am I much excited about licences, kits, footballers faces and their wives, I tried watching the trailer closely to try and see if there’s anything important to be happy about. I won’t be talking about faces and shirts and a drop of sweat going down Lionel Messi’s forehead.

1. There’s still ‘ice skating’.

Players still aren’t running properly. They often look like they’re ice skating. You can see that on numerous occasions in the trailer. For example, 0:43 when Iniesta passes the ball to Suarez to score or on 0:46 when Neymar makes a one-two pass with Messi. And especially on 1:24 when Messi shields the ball, his legs just skate forward and back.

2. There are great low shot goalkeeper saves.

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That’s a rarity in PES 2016 so we’re all looking forward to improved goalkeepers in PES 2017. The community members confirmed that this is so, having tried PES 2017 on PES day. You can see the saves from 1:11. So, we basically get back PES 2015 keepers. 🙂

3. Headers seem stronger.

There were some questions raised from a members of PES community about the too weak header shots. They seem stronger now (1:16).

4. We still don’t see any major changes to MyClub.

We can see some announced features MyClub in the trailer, but that just raises the most important question. Will the gameplay be improved? It is pretty awful in PES 2016. Will the arcade become a simulation? Will the skill once again be more important than the momentum/scripting (which Konami claims doesn’t exist)? Will the game stop being a pinball and start being a real sport? There’s still a lot of time for Konami to work on this so we can just hope they’ll get it right this time. Because, announcements of tactical improvements to the MyClub doesn’t mean a thing as you, obviously, can’t use advanced tactical instructions there.

5. Master league gets improved transfer system.

I’m having fun with ML as it is and the transfer system really is unrealistic and needs a change. You always have a bunch of money and even if you don’t, you just sign a bunch of stars from your youth team and then sell them. Also, world class players were transferred to weak clubs (for example, Benzema to Lorient).

6. Star players still running through the defence like there’s no one there?

This one I’ve gave a question mark because it’s not necesseraly so, it’s just a thing we can see on 3:40, when Messi eases past six defenders before scoring. I hope there won’t be more of that nonsense online when a guy could run past the whole defence without using any dribble and skill. In other words: Konami, let us be able to defend, we don’t want another game where 5-4 and 7-3 will be everyday results.  The positive side is what we can see on 0:31, when a defence actually reacts to the Barcelona attack and all of them together try and take the ball.

I’m not feeling particularly well today so, perhaps, I’m missing something important. Let me know.

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