Because it’s scripted!

I’ve played some 100 games in PES 2016 MyClub on PC. And, if you haven’t started playing it, I don’t recommend you do now. Here’s why.

First thing first, you don’t have ANY control at the beginning. When your Team spirit is low, your players will do as they please. Meaning, you won’t be able to play defence at all. Your players will move out of the way so your opponent can score. Those first few days are truly a horrible experience. Especially if you’re an old school player who is used he can win with a weaker team against stronger if he’s a better player than his opponent. No such thing here. Your wins usually won’t be your own, your losses usually won’t be due to your bad playing.

Many players just stop playing here (which you can see from the Steam community reviews). I almost did also, but something drew me to start again and again.

Later, you have a bit more control. Once you get your Team spirit in the 90’s and you get some decent players and manager, it may seem your results will depend solely on your skill. Unfortunately, they won’t. Your results will depend on computers’ calculation who should win the match. Having said that, MyClub is scripted beyond belief. Especially in the terms of Home and Away games. You’ll play an easy game at home and score 5 and the next game you’ll be on the receiving side, finding it impossible to defend.

In those scripted games, if you’re on the side that was decided by the AI should lose, your fastest player won’t be able to outrun anyone; your tallest players won’t be able to outjump anyone; your strongest players won’t be able to win any physical challenges. Your players’ reflexes will be like those of a dead cow. They won’t react to controls, or will react too late. On the other hand, if you’re on the winning side, you’ll feel like you play with ease and your opponent doesn’t know how to play. Not always true – he’s just where you were a game or two ago.

The rules of physics don’t apply to games in MyClub. The FAIR coliding system doesn’t exist. The result of that is the ball will almost always bounce to the team that was decided will win. Players of the winning team will be able to run ‘through’ the opposition defence, while those of the losing team will lose the ball too easy.

The worst example that shows how scripted most of the games are is when your goalkeeper doesn’t react to Y/triangle button, which should make him run towards the attacker. I had this happen 3-4 times in the last month and the result was always the same – goal for the attacker. I suppose my opponents had this same problem when playing against me.

The second worst example for me, which happens much more often, is your opponent sprinting with his player through your defence like they’re ghosts, without making any effort to avoid them. And they can’t take the ball. The same happens on the other side – when you’re favoured by the system.

All in all, you’ll spend most of the games in MyClub two ways: fighting against your own team which refuses to play the way you want it to play and second, being favoured by the system so it makes it easier for you to win. The final result being the lack of satisfaction when you win and a huge frustration when you lose.

MyClub is a nice idea gone wrong in the most important aspect – gameplay. I only hope it will be much more fun and much less frustrating in PES 2017, without the ridiculous scripting.

Let the best man win!