Want to find out more about PES 2017 game-play? 

#PESDay will be taking place this Thursday 2nd June. A day set aside in the PES calendar where numerous members of the community meet up, test the new game and most importantly, answer the questions you’re dying to ask. For those not lucky enough to be attending, this is your chance to get involved!

‘After the exciting PES 2017 announcement last Wednesday, we’re sure you guys are itching to find out some more details. A select number of the community are going to witness first-hand the new features that have already been announced, including the Real Touch and Precise Pass features, both of which promise to be central to PES 2017′, says Konami on their website.

And now the most important: Visuals, goalkeepers, referees, AI… anything you want to know about game-play, just ask! All you you have to do is reply to this thread post with your questions and Konami will look to answer as many as possible.

Keep in mind that the community members will ONLY be experiencing new game-play. Information about Licensing and Game Modes is not expected until E3 from June 14th.

PES 2017 will be released in Autumn / Fall 2016 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. More details about the game will be revealed at E3 from June 14th.