Do you remember how it felt to be young? When people didn’t look at you like you’re immature because, well, you like playing games?

Mike from my favorite used games store just told me of this pretty great deal they’re having until May 26th – $7  for more than 400 games. There’s some legendary titles that are guaranteed to  take you back to times when things were simpler. Take a look:

$7 Electronic Games’s at Second Spin Starts May 12 Ends May 26

Interestingly enough, there’s loads of FIFAs and only one PES there. There’s EA Sports NBAs, NHLs… There’s LEGO Star Wars, Metal Gears, Hitmans, Ghost Recons… And one of my all time favorites – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

They’ve also got a coupon for 10% OFF that ends on May 31st. Enjoy your games shopping!