Or I could damage my eye nerve. 

There are goals in PES 2016 which looked attractive at first. It seemed like everyone bragged about scoring them, Twitter and YouTube were full of them. After a while, they got a bit boring. Then they got very boring. These are the three kinds of goals I wouldn’t mind not seeing ever again.

Overhead heel/scorpion kick goal

Every time I see Benzema heel/scorpion kick goal, I have to go see some documentary about lizards or snakes, just to get it out of my head. It’s like hearing someone scratching on the school board.

Volley after a cleared ball

If you haven’t scored a volley after a cleared ball, usually after corner kick, you didn’t play PES. If you haven’t scored a fantastic volley after a cleared ball, usually after corner kick, you didn’t play PES much.

Long shot with Bayern or Real (or some other overpowered team)

It’s just too easy.

On the other hand, there are some kinds goals I would love to see much more. For example, why not showcase teamwork goals more? It’s what football is all about. Also, why aren’t there much headers people are proud of? It’s not that easy to score a header in PES 2016, much less an attractive one. Come on guys, show us your great headers you think no one will like – I will, I promise. Show us how you’re playing football with some teamwork goals, I’m sure many people who actually love football (and not an arcade-like football games) will appreciate them.

Also, where are the rabona goals? Not so easy to score, are they? 🙂