Sick and tired of losing headers? 

To win more headers in this game, the key thing is to learn two things: how to manually change your position to get in front of the opposition player and when to press and release the button.

1. How to change my position?

You can do this two ways –with RT button or with ‘super cancel’ (RT+RB / R1+R2)). With RT (R2) button you will only move your player a little, but it is a lot easier to do then by using super cancel.
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2. When to press and release the button (and which one)?

I use A (X) or Y (o) for heading simply because you can have a limited control of the direction of the header. To win a header, press A (X) or Y (o) when the ball is in midair and release just before it falls between you and the opposing player. With A (X), the ball should go to your players feet, and with Y (o) into space in front of him (simple logic, that’s what these buttons are for).

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