You’ll score more great goals.

Everyone who ever played a game against CPU probably conceded a goal from a low and strong shot by CPU’s attacker, a shot which goalkeepers in PES 2016 are usually very bad at stopping. We all know you can shoot low and weak. But is it possible to shoot low and strong in PES 2016?

Yes, it is.

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The answer is switching to advanced shooting. By default, your shooting is set to ‘basic’. This means that you can’t control both height and power of your shot, at the same time. With ‘basic’, you can shoot low, but not strong.

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Advanced shooting is much better and I would recommend it to everyone. It’s even easier to score once you learn it. You may need time to adapt, but if you understand the following, it won’t be hard at all. And you will enjoy it very much.

The main idea behind the advanced shooting is that you have control over both the power and the  height of the shot. So you can shoot low and powerful shots and also high and weak, if you want.

Here’s how the shooting is done. This is for when you’re attacking from left to right:


And here are two examples of low strong shots you just can’t perform with basic shooting. I recommend using this kind of shot when you’re at an angle from a goal from which a goalkeeper will probably save your high shot.

IMPORTANT TIP: Advanced shot Is easier to perform if you play on a low Game speed (-2 or -1) because you can first fill the power bar and then choose the direction of the shot, to avoid your player turning. 

How about a knuckle shot?

One of the best combos I’m using is advanced shooting + knuckle shot. To perform a knuckle shot, you need to have a player who’s got that Skill:

PES2016 2016-04-24 10-47-39-00

Knuckle shot is basically a shot that’s got an unpredictable trajectory. The ball will swerve left and right (rarely), or will suddenly fall (more often). It’s done by shooting then pressing X (square) again just before the player touches the ball.

I didn’t have much chance to play with players who got this skill, but now, in my 9th season of Master league, I’ve got two of them in Atletico Mineiro. The combination of a knuckle shot and middle height shot (done with up/down arrows) is a killer. The ball usually goes high and then falls suddenly. If your player also has a Long range drive skill… Let’s just say your opponents are in for a hell of a match.

To see the difference between the middle height knuckle shot and regular shot, just watch this video. I used Cristiano Ronaldo in training. In the first example, you can see how the ball suddenly starts to fall down. In the second example, the ball’s continuing to go up. After Ronaldo, I’ve shown you an example from a game.

How do I switch to advanced shooting?

If you’re playing Master league, you’ll have to start the match, then go to Pause menu-> Select sides->press X/square to enter ‘Edit personal data’. Otherwise, do the same while you’re in the Select sides menu.

PES2016 2016-04-24 16-02-46-63

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