It’s universal, I tell ya!

Most people who come to my blog are in a search for the perfect formation. As I’ve already written, there is not a perfect overall formation which works everytime, online and offline. You have to figure out what works for your team.

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If we’re talking about playing Master league on Superstar, I may have found one that is almost universal. In other words, it worked great for me with more clubs than one. It’s 5-3-2 [3-5-2] fluid formation which I currently use with Atletico Mineiro (on the left).

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Defence – Not much philosophy here. Get the best three defenders you can. It may be smart to have the quickest one in the middle of the three-man defence.

Full backs / wingers – These are the guys that will cover more field than any other player. The should be able both defensively and offensively. It would be ideal if they had great stamina, because they will tire more than any other player. You should have decent substitutes for both of them.

Midfielders – DMF and CMF should know how to play defence. AMF is a classic no. 10. You’ll probably have stamina problem with him also.

Strikers – I usually have one that’s fast and other one that’s a target man. I’d never use two slower attackers because you won’t be able to play counter attacks.

Here are the team instructions.

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If you play team stronger than yourself, you don’t have to make your full backs attack. You can leave them to be LB / RB while you’re in attack, just move them a little up ahead. If you want additional defensive security, use Number in attack -> Few.

If the game is going wrong for me, I’ll change the team instructions a bit or a position or two of the players a bit. If it’s going awfully wrong, I’ll make more drastic changes.