Do you get bored after a few seasons? 

1. Play on Superstar difficulty level. That’s the only one that presents a real challenge after the first few seasons.

2. Use the default team. Players with Overall rating of 55-70 should prove a challenge enough. Especially the goalkeeper. Bear in mind that you’ve got some fantastic players in your default team, such as Coutinho or Castledine. Read more about them HERE.

3. Play without the transfers in. Just use players that come out of your youth system. If you want challenge to be even greater, don’t take the first batch of great youth players, wait for a second one (or a third).

4. Don’t take every good player that comes out of your youth team. Buy just the ones you really need, like, love or would like to use some of their Skills. For example, I took Robinho from the youth team recently. He’s 70 OVR, which is not on my team’s level now, but he can do rabona and I’d like to score a rabona finally (never had an attacker who can do it).

5. Don’t promote the youth players with the purpose of selling them. If you don’t want them playing, leave them be. When they’re old enough, they’ll be removed from the youth team. You won’t have financial problems if you play without incoming transfers.

6. When you finally become a world superpower, sell some of your best players. I’m at the beginning of my 7th season with Leeds and I’ve won the Champions league for two times. I had the strongest team in the world, probably, with almost no players below 83-84 OVR in the first team. Hardly any game in the previous season was a challenge. Then I sold some of my best players – Maicon (OVR 90+), Barbosa (OVR 93), Shevchuk (OVR around 85), Demichelis (OVR around 86), Rojas (OVR 90+), Engelaar (OVR 85+)… and took a few players from my youth team (70-80 OVR) to balance it out a little bit. You can be even more of a hardliner and sell an entire first lineup. Just make sure you’ll have enough players to promote from a youth team to replace them if you play without incoming transfers.

7. Change teams and league. When you get tired of your team, accept offer from a team you think will present a fresh challenge. You can also accept an offer from a national team.