Even though some will not agree and think ‘I’ve seen better’, I do think this volley is incredible. These days, it seems popular to think that the best goals are Xabi Alonso or Cristiano Ronaldo banging one from 50 yards after the bounced ball or Karim Benzema scoring a scorpion kick (I’ve seen dozens of those in PES even though I’ve never seen him score one in real life :confused:).

This goal involves a bit of thinking and skill, not mindless pressing of buttons.  I’m old school. This is how we did things back when PES 5 and 6 were popular.

How to score a volley like this? 

First, you have to have a throw in. Then, you must manually select one player with whom you’ll be shooting the volley with. I chose Javier Saviola (OVR 85) in my Leeds team. How do you do that? With LB + move RS in the direction of the player you want to select. Then move him away from the defenders (and hope they won’t follow 😀 ). After you’ve done this, you throw the ball to him with A. Just before the ball reaches the shooter, you press RS and move LS in the direction opposite of the direction the ball came from. Your player should now perform a flick like the one in the video. When the ball starts falling, you shoot. Fill the power bar to one third.