1. You’ve thought about punching your monitor or a TV so often that it surprises you when you see it’s still intact.

2. You’ve called your goalkeeper so many creative ugly names that one would think it will get old eventually. It doesn’t.

3. Your wife/parents/roommates often glance akward looks at you when you play. When you see it, you think, in an angry tone: ‘Just try and say something…’

4. At the beggining, you were worried your neighbors will hear you swearing. Nowadays you’re just thinking: ‘Too hell with them too.’

5. You don’t have a gamepad you had when PES 2016 came out. Or you do, but it’s been repaired. And will soon be again.

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6. You know who Adam Bhatti is and hate him, even though you don’t even know how he looks like.

7. Someone from your family has tried having a serious conversation regarding anger management with you. It didn’t work.

8. Every time you lose a ball or receive a goal, you think: ‘The damn game is so scripted it’s unbearable!’

9. Every time you score a goal because of your opponents mistake you think: ‘I’m soooooo good’ or, alternatively, ‘That’s your punishment for a scripted game.’

10. You’ve recognized yourself in at least 5 of these things and laughed. You’re currently thinking if you maybe have a time for a quick game…