I’ve played Master League for a season and a half with one purpose – to see which default Master League players are worth keeping.

For those who don’t know who are the default players, when you’re starting your ML campaign, you choose between the default players (not real players) and club team line up (real players).

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When playing this campaign, I didn’t do any incoming transfers, just transferred a few players out. I took a few players from the youth team (not regens!). I gave all of the players I thought will develop a chance to play a lot. Some of them didn’t develop at all, some had an amazing development.

So, here are the players with highest Overall rating after a season and a half and individual screenshot of the best few. You’ll notice that three of them are from a youth team (Aartmen, Wroughllen and Qalnazim). Bear in mind that you can train every single player per your liking, so not all attributes will be the same for you.

PES2016 2016-02-07 18-19-26-28
Players with the best OR rating

PES2016 2016-02-07 18-19-37-76

PES2016 2016-02-07 18-19-47-12
Arcas, great AMF/SS
PES2016 2016-02-07 18-19-57-15
Coutinho, a KILLER central forward. Not too fast, but strong and has a great shot.

PES2016 2016-02-07 18-20-02-25

PES2016 2016-02-07 18-20-07-60
Giorza, very good full back. He is a bit slow, but that can be trained.
PES2016 2016-02-07 18-20-15-14
Playmaker. Excellent technical skills, physical not so much. Phenomenal shooter.

PES2016 2016-02-07 18-20-23-64

PES2016 2016-02-07 18-20-26-53
Big and slow, but his strength and good dribbling and heading skills allow him to be a constant danger for keepers.

PES2016 2016-02-07 18-20-32-41

PES2016 2016-02-07 18-20-34-90
Unfortunately, Vasilj is the best central defender among your default players. He’s good, not great, but compared to others… I liked him. He even has good passing skills, so he won’t pass the ball to the opposing attackers. Often.