Fake shot is the most useful trick on PES 2016, especially when playing against AI. But it can also be used against human opponents as an appearance of a power bar can often mean your opponent will throw himself/herself in front of you. You’ll perform a fake shot and run past him/her.

How do I do it?

Fake shot is done by pressing X and then A + direction where you want your player to go. The longer the time between pressing A and pressing X, the more efficient your feint will be. But, also, the chances of your player actually shooting are higher.

When should I not do it?

Unfortunately, there is a bug of a kind where the fake shot doesn’t work in certain situations; especially when you’re on the flank in your opponent’s final third and you want to perform it turning 180 degrees. The game will often just shoot, not responding to your command. That’s where you can use fake cross (B -> A+direction) , which is exactly the same thing as the fake shot. The only problem is that you’ll have to practice for a bit to learn your fingers to take orders from your brain more precisely.


Can I do it on my own half?

Yes, you can. Even though the power bar will not fill for a fake shot (it will for a fake cross), the move will be executed.

Which players are best for this?

Fake shot is best for using with fast and agile players who are good dribblers. If you do it with a big and slow player, you should restrict yourself to just one, because they are much more likely to lose the ball.

Do they have to possess some Skill?

Many players have certain Skills which you can find in your players profile, which you enter using Y while your player is highlighted, and then RT/LT for changing pages. Your player doesn’t have to have any Skill to perform a fake shot, but one Skill is connected to the fake shot and that’s Cut and turn. If your player has it, he will perform fake shot faster and an animation will be different.

Can you show us some examples?

Does an apple grow on a tree?