I’m presenting you a formation I’m using in Master League campaign with Derby County (Superstar, 2×8 min half time). With it, I’ve won the Premier League and Europa League in my 4th season (now I’m trying to do the same in the Champions League, PSG is in the way to the final 8).

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It’s a really simple formation, a basic 442 with a certain transformations in attack. First of all, you have to know that I’m not a slave of this formation. If I’m not doing well on the pitch, I’ll change some positions (AMC can become MC, RWF can become RM, CF can become SS etc.). Also, I’m changing it depending who I play against. In Europe and against top Premier league teams, I change one CF to a DM and play with one CF.


If you want a more detailed analysis on how to play stronger teams, I’ve just written a manual. See it HERE.

Not much to say about defence except I expect from full backs to help the attack, especially against weaker teams. My DM is strong and tall. My MC (AMC) is also physically able and can score goals if given the chance. My ML is and old school winger, his basic task is to supply my forwards with balls. My RWF also does that, but often becomes my third striker and tries to score.

As for the strikers, they just have to know how to score goals. The one thing I avoid here are slow players, I expect them to be at least decently fast, because I play on counter attacks.

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Here are my team instructions. As I do the formation, I change the strategy when playing against stronger teams (short passing to long, medium players in attack to few etc.).

If you want a more detailed instruction how to set up a formation and a strategy, I strongly recommend reading my manual.