I’ve won the Europa League in my 4th Master league season with Derby County and on the start of the 5th season played European Supercup with Real Madrid. When they went up 2-0, I thought I was finished…

PES2016 2015-12-22 21-18-34-89PES2016 2015-12-22 21-18-41-91

I started with 4231 formation with counter attack, long passing through flanks, few players in attack. In defense, my usual containing the attack through the middle, low defensive line, high compactness, not aggresive. When I went down 2-0, I changed my attacking passing through the middle and in defense set up to contain attacks through flanks. And it worked perfectly. When the result was 3-3 Pizzaro and Gareth Barry missed 1-on-1’s but I got the goal in the 124th minute. 🙂

Nothing to learn here, just bragging. 😀