Everyone likes scoring amazing goals. For me, it’s one of the main reasons why I play this game. Since this edition of our favorite football game is blessed with attacking football (some will call this arcade-goal-fest, but hey, it’s all about perspective), it’s easier to score great goals.  How to do it?

1. Think

Don’t just run around pushing buttons and shooting. When your attack looks like you could score, think quickly. How would you like to score? Would you like to embarrass your opponent by passing the ball around and running into an empty net while their goalkeeper lies down, not knowing what the hell just happened? Or would you like to cross the ball and try to perform a bicycle kick? Or stop the ball with your chest (with RS button) and try to score overhead kick? Or, maybe, your attacker could receive the ball with his upper thigh and juggle before scoring (hold RS when you received the ball and it’s still in midair and move with LS) If the end result is just like you thought it would be, you’ll enjoy the game very much.

2. Shoot

If you’re more of a long ranger type, shoot whenever you get the chance. But, don’t just run with a player until he gets the chance to shoot. Try passing the ball back to your player for the first time shot, they seem very powerful (even though I didn’t manage to score one from large distance). Or, for example, you can try this one: pass the low ball from a corner to your full back, who usually stands unmarked 30 meters diagonally from goal. Flick the ball up with RS in the direction of a goal and perform a volley. If you score, it’ll be spectacular.

Powis Parker Inc.
3. Lob

I really love lobbing the goalkeepers. Even if it’s not used as often as in PES 2015, you will profit from learning how to do a lob shot. And if you score a lob from outside the box when you notice the goalkeeper is just a little too far from his line, it’ll be something you’ll very much enjoy.

4. Use skill moves

Learn how to perform certain skill moves so you can use them to get rid of the defenders before scoring. The more skills you use before scoring and the more defenders you go around thanks to performing these skills, the better the goal will look. So don’t just use skills when there’s no one around you and then score. That’s just lame.

5. Not everything’s in the power

I really enjoy scoring (and watching others score) goals after I’ve performed a great passing action with many players included, to leave my attacker alone with the goalkeeper or even with an empty goal in front of him. Slight RT+X tap on the gamepad and the ball rolls slowly past the keeper… Just love it! Powerful shot from the outside doesn’t have to be merit for a beautiful goal.

So, here are my 20+ goals scored in 5 seasons of Master League with Tenerife on Superstar level. Scorers Overall Rating ranges from low 70’s to mid 80’s. (I’m not sure why, but it’s much more pleasant for me to watch it in 720p than in 1080p).