I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that they’re winning with huge results playing offline. There’s one suggestion I’d like to make to them (or you?).

Instead of taking the best football teams in the world, try taking mediocre or even very weak clubs. For example, start your Master League campaign in Championship with some club you don’t even know what its name is (due to lack of licences and your knowledge of it’s roster). I assure you – the minute Manchester City comes playing against your *something*shire in the FA Cup, you’ll forget all about beating everyone 10-0 and start thinking how not to concede 10 goals.

You’ll then probably try to blame the goalkeeper for being bad, so here’s my other suggestion. Don’t let them shoot from inside the box. Now, there’s a challenge.

My wife would beat Gijon with Barcelona 10-0. And she never had any contact with PES. Except that time when she banned me from playing because I was swearing too much.