Do you concede goals due to passing errors of your defenders or midfielders? This has been the source of 80% of my opponents goals. I want to pass to one player, the ball ends up going to another but is cut off and the CPU scores. I don’t want to repeat the words I use to tell my players and Konami what do I think of them. They can’t even be translated to English.

Since I’ve started playing PES 2015, I’ve been playing first with keyboard (impossible) then gamepad with sticks. And always, I’ve played with both sticks, left stick for movement. And I’ve taken for granted that I’ll never (or very rarely) be able to score goals that will be the product of 5-6-7 passes. It simply didn’t happen, I just had to play long passes and pass into space.

And then, after months of being frustrated at this aspect of the game, I had a thought. Mind you, it’s not often that this happens to me so when it does I take it seriously. So, the thought was – why shouldn’t I play with a cross instead of left stick? I tried and, to my complete surprise, the passes became more accurate. Now I’m able to score from a nice team action, rather than a counter attack with two or three passes.

I’m not sure if it’s just me to blame for not being able to play with left stick, but if any of you has the same problem, this may be the solution.