I’m just in the fourth season of ML with Blackburn. I needed three just to get into the Premier League. Here are some of the best goals from the first three seasons plus some from my previous ML with Leeds.

If there’s anything to learn from this compilation, I think you should pay attention to a few goals that were a result of a great teamwork. These are the games I played 4-2-4 while in possession and had many players in the final third (while still keeping the number of players in the attack ‘low’ to keep full backs and central midfielders from getting higher up). As you will see, one-two pass is really important (LB+A). Note for the married – great teamwork can easily be disturbed if your wife decides to wipe the dust off the monitor without warning).

Most of the goals were scored by Stipe Perica, Lewis Holtby, Filip Kostić, Lucas Piazon, Antunes, Jack Rhodes. These are all players who begin the ML on PTE Patch with high 70’s ratings, just to develop themselves to 80+ (except Rhodes and Antunes, they say they’re too old for that shit).