It was one of those moments. It was 1-1 and I was attacking with full force. CPU was on counter attack. I tried stopping it with my defender. Instead of taking the ball from the attacker, my defender tackled my other defender and the attacker just ran through and scored.

Time was starting to move real slow.

I watched at the floor. My eyes were bulging. Rage was expanding inside. The decision was made; I slammed my cheap Hama gamepad to the floor with full force. My dog jumped. I went to Programs and deleted the game.

What now?

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll enjoy life for a few days. Try to relax. Walk the dog and read the book. Maybe work so the wife and I could have something to eat.

Maybe a visit to an expert for anger management wouldn’t be bad.

I’ll suggest him/her to try and play PES 2015 and see why their job is useless in our case.