I’ve been playing Master League with Blackburn for season and a half now (PTE Patch 6.1) and I’ve had some moderate success.  I played finals of the playoff for promotion in the 1st season. I think playoff is on the cards this season too, although I hoped to be 2nd and qualify directly…

I’m using 343 (541) formation. Fluid formation is, of course, on (I don’t think it’s possible to succeed without Fluid formation).

THE IDEA behind the tactic is to have a sturdy 5-man defence and many options while attacking – two tehnically sound side strikers, a good paced central striker, LB and RB coming to LM and RM positions. One of the central midfielders is a playmaker (DM while defending, AM while attacking)  and the other a hard working and tall defensive midfielder (CM while attacking).

THE STYLE OF PLAY is, like the attacking settings show, direct, but based on not-too-long passes ( I wouldn’t necessarely call them ‘short’).  The longest passes I play are usually to CF when he runs to space towards goal.

WHAT TO DO WHEN IT DOESN’T WORK? Of course, my style of play doesn’t work the same with every opposition team. So, if I see my defence is leaking, I change something in the formation or defensive instructions (for example, contain to ‘wide’ instead of ‘middle’). If I can’t create a chance, I do the same thing with the attacking instructions. I always try to change attacking/defensive settings first. If that doesn’t work, only then I change something in the formation.

ONE THING THAT PROVED REALLY USEFUL is this. Whenever I’m a goal up, I move my side strikers to RWF and LWF positions and put a playing style to long pass, with a support set to 7. I scored some nice victories this way (just an hour ago, I beat Reading away 4-1 this way, with one ear listening to my wife talking about her first day at new work).

When I don’t win, it’s usually because one of the two reasons, or both – 1) I don’t score most of the chances I create, 2) I make hideous defensive mistakes (I usually blame the CPU for this).

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