Unlike PES 5 and 6, which are the last ones I actively played, dribblings and skills in PES 2015 are actually useful for getting rid of the opponent. And they’re really simple, everyone can do them. If you don’t believe me, just randomly point the RS in one direction and then press LS in another and your player will (probably) execute a dribbling.

‘HOW TO WIN IN PES 2015’ manual is out!

The trick is to use them properly, in the right time and regarding the defenders position. My suggestion is, try the combo of LS and RS on training and then in match. Use them to get the defenders out of balance and free yourself some space for the shot. The easiest way to leave the player behind is to move the ball in the opposite (or almost opposite) direction of where he’s moving. That way he’ll just run past you.

I’m showing you two goals I’ve scored (in the Master League on Superstar level) to show you how useful RS/LS skills can be.

If you wan’t to learn how to do a certain skill, watch maremas’s tutorial. It’s amazing.