1. AI cheats.

When playing Superstar, AI cheats. Or it really, really feels like cheating. For example, the AI has the corner. The ball falls to your feet in your box, you’re trying to kick it out, but you just can’t. Your player(s) run around the standing ball. You feel like any time now someone will bring the basket, take out sandwiches and cookies and make a picnic around the ball. Then the AI jogs its way to the ball and scores. When did this happen on the other side? When did you score because AI couldn’t kick the ball out? Never…

2. You feel like an idiot trying to play defence. 

It’s very frustrating when the opponent dances with the ball around your box like John Travolta and you can’t do anything about it except kick him on the legs like you would John Travolta if you saw him dancing like in Saturday night fever. It takes a lot of practice to learn how to play defence. And even then you’d have to be fully concentrated all of the time, which is sometimes impossible. Especially if you work and play the game from time to time to enjoy it and relax (like I do).

3. Pierluigi Colina was an angel compared to Konami’s referees. 

If Colina was a FIFA delegate on games you play against AI, he would be shocked. Almost every foul results in a yellow card. That’s definitely something that needs to be looked upon by Konami. It’s unnatural not to be able to ever rough up the opponent and not to get a card. The biggest problem for me are late tackles, where I get most of my yellow (often two) cards.

4. You like to win and it’s just not happening. 

All of the above often results in not winning games. And no one likes to lose. My keyboard knows that.

5. You’re too old for this s*it.

If you’re like me, you don’t have the patience like you did a few years ago when you were a student or in high school, to learn all the moves and tricks to help you be great in playing any game. You have a kid, or a dog, or a hobby, or work full time on a computer and can’t look at the monitor all day and you simply can’t play the game as much as you did once.