I haven’t won 9 games in a row in my 2nd season of Masterleague with Southampton, after I won the first two games of the season. I know, you’ll say – the man calls himself Pes Expert and can’t win. (I couldn’t agree more; I really am an average player who aims to help those who struggle to win at all at Superstar level, like I did not so long ago.)

So, why couldn’t I win? I admit I didn’t understand it. My keyboard suffered. I was ranting to my tolerant wife that it’s not possible that I forgot to play the damn game, that the AI is surely blocking my road to success, that the illuminati are probably responsible for my failures…

Then I changed the 4231 tactic to 352 and my luck turned 180 degrees. I immediately won games with Chelsea (home) and Manchester City (away).

My conclusion – the AI isn’t as dumb as it my seem. It obviously adapts to your tactics. So, if you fail to win after you’ve had success, maybe that’s the reason.