I’m playing Master league with Southampton and had a tough away game at Manchester City. I want to show you how and why did I win (except being in a good form that day).

Tactics: I used counter attack tactic with a deep defence, many players in the defence and few in the attack. I usually ignore mark settings because they don’t seem to do much for me. I’ve set my passing to long with attacking through flanks (wide). My team’s pressure was containted and my front line wans’t pressuring their defence.

The game: I conceded a goal early on. My defenders were far away from Reus and he used that. But I equalized before long. With Shane Long. I just did what I think is a bit of an exploit – cutting in from the flank and shoting in the opposite corner.  I score a pretty high percentage of my goals like this. And soon I was in lead when Graziano Pele scored a screamer from out of the box. I’m not good in 1 on 1 situations with defenders so I tend to shoot rather then lose the ball. It paid off. In the 75th minute I’ve put an extra man in the defence, instead of my attacking midfielder. The fortress held.